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I need to return some video tapes..
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Monday, May 25th, 2009
9:23 am
Back from Portland..
......unfortunately. arrived on Thursday in hopes of seeing Thrill Kill Kult, but apparently, after all these years, they had some major argument or something, and broke up last Sunday unbenounced(is this a word?) to us. We were informed of this by a stripper we were talking to at Marys, a "dive" bar/strip joint (what people refer to as dive bars in Portland is funny). So, we checked out Shadow play, their weekly Thursday industrial night at the Fez, which, is quite an interesting venue. It was fun, saw more people out on the dance floor than most of time anywhere here. Got to drunk that night at the end, but all in all, a good time....

....Friday we decided to check out a part of town I had never been to, but Angel remembered from when she was briefly homeless back before I met her. It's always a little weird for her going back to Portland at first, but we always have the greatest times when we visit. Anyway, since I'm probably just talking to myself, which if fine, we checked out the Southeast part of town, found a great clothing/records store, Alteration Nation, than found a punk "dive" bar called Plan B. Everyone was exceptionally friendly, which by judging by the outside of the bar, was kind of surprising. Hung out there for quite some time w/some strangers we were chatting with. Later in the night, we checked out Union Jacks, the strip bar across the street from our hotel. Man, let me tell you. There is just something right about being able to have a fucking drink in one hand, your girlfriend in the other, and a hot tattooed up stripper shoving her snatch in your face all at  the same time.  It's a shame Seattle squanders such possibilities. 

...Saturday, we had originally planned to go to the NW black metal festival, but found out the cover was $15 each, and by this day, we were having to stretch our dollars out as much as possible. So, we hung out with this girl we met up here w/Brian, who lives in Beaverton w/her dude, who was way cool. Said we could stay at their place for free next time we were down, which is great. Checked out Chinatown, Ground Kontrol, an awesome bar/arcade/live music venue. Than, we stumbled unto the venue where the festival was, and spotted Victoria and her douchebag of a boyfriend, Ray, walking out of it. We walked over to her to say hi, and she totally fucking snubbed us. She said hi, and they just kept walking. Very weak. It's probably because Ray didn't want her to, he's always been a dick to us going back to the Eugene days, for reasons I have never known. Any fucking way, it was very rude. So we capped the night off by checking out another strip club in the seedy part of town, and were greated with more hot tattoed strippers at the club. We were just running out of money when Heather, who used to bar tend at the el corazon, spotted us, and bought us some shots. I forget why she was in town, but it was cool. So, three of her friends got cut off from the bar, which was weird, and they left kind of early. We had to as well, had almost 0 dollars left, so we called it a night.

...It was a great mini-vacation, as it always is everytime we go down there, and as always, it didn't last long enough. Back to the grind that is Seattle life, at least for another 3 months before any breaks in the action..what a bummer. With my job security looking more and more uncertain, it starting to look like a potential home in the future at some point..as my job is one of the last things holding us back...guess time will tell..anways, that's all for now...now I go back to random, weird, short posts every week or so.....yup.

Current Mood: exhausted/working
Monday, April 20th, 2009
5:59 pm
Ah, the passage of time..
......Ten years ago today I was blazed out of my mind with a bunch of friends laughing at the columbine shootings on the news occurring about 20 miles away, and noting how instead of April 20th having the typical stoner stigma tied to it, now, aside from the being the birthday of Adolf Hitler, will also be linked to a massacre of epic proportions. The next day, I will be given credit/scorn by random strangers for being part of a trench coat mafia merely for how I dressed..I think. Lots of excitement on that day/day after for me and my friends. It was fun how easily we could scare people by muttering the word "Columbine", or "Mafia" in any crowded place we went into. Good times.

.....Now, I sit here at work..aging, I suppose. Entertaining the thought of happy hour @ the juju. No one is returning my calls. I'm still dealing with the after effects of being sick the last 3 days, and I can see 30 rounding the corner this year already. Discouraged? Nah. Take it for what is. Can't stop time, no matter how exciting, or dull it may be, so might as well enjoy the shit out of it whenever possible. Sounds like a belated new years resolution to me.

...Yup, today calls for some drinks.
Friday, April 17th, 2009
6:30 pm
Not quite right...
I saw a new car commercial with a Tones on Tail song in the background. "Go", to be specific.

I guess Daniel Ash is officially feeling the pinches of the economy. Shame.

Current Mood: medicated, still.
Tuesday, April 14th, 2009
10:53 am
Pics from "Hexed" @ the Chapel...
..I thought they were going to have us seperated from the "normal" people who usually go there on Friday nights..kind of a bizzare mix of folks, but was a good time...that, and, out of obligation to myself, you can see my nipple in the pic of me...

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
1:28 pm
Haiku2 for demon667
glass box and go up
and down big hills on the buses
simply stop running
Created by Grahame
Sunday, March 8th, 2009
10:59 am
Five cheese lasagna....
...is a fine breakfeast. Who would've known. Must try this more.
Saturday, March 7th, 2009
12:42 pm
This suprises me a bit...

..that and Vegas has the highest suicide rate, not Seattle, like I've heard it usually does.
Friday, March 6th, 2009
9:22 pm
I will not lose this battle...
...with the sick bug. I took the warning this morning with the sudden coughing and mild sore throat. Seems everyone this year, is immobilized after they get it.

I will not succumb to it like a huge chunk of my co-workers and friends.

I've drank 2 C-monsters, 2 20 oz.Oj's, eaten 8 500 mg vitamin c pills, 2 cans of chicken soup, AND taken 8 1250 garlic pills in the last six hours and you know what....I feel 100 percent again finally.

Maybe I have found the secret combination of natural chemicals.

If I can just keep this exact pattern of intake for the next 24-48 hours, should be good to work all weekend. Yup, that will be my reward.

I can sense all of your collective jealousy seeping through the screen at my predicament. Stop it.


Current Mood: delerious
Thursday, February 19th, 2009
5:10 pm
Just so I can be as cool as everyone else on my friends list..
-Describe me in one word... just one single word. Positive or negative.

-Leave your word in a comment before looking at what words others have used.

-Then copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people will describe you when limited to one word

*Any reference to waffles, or horses, will be omitted.*

Current Mood: Extremely bored.
Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
11:38 am
Am I just being superstitious or..
...is it some what cryptic to have scheduled a doctors appointment on Friday the 13th? Hmmm..guess we'll find out.
Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
10:23 am
In other good news...

This is the last we will have to see of this cretin.

I swear, by the way they kept wheeling him around-it seems they were searching for trap door to somewhere where we could forget about him forever.
9:05 am
The reign of terror has just officially ended...now!
...Here is to four years of a glimmer of hope that someone can undo what has been done during these last eight years of the most politically corrupt government the country has seen...
Thursday, December 18th, 2008
2:57 pm
The Beacon Hill...
...Is a miserable place to be when it snows this much. The buses simply stop running, and cabs stop coming, leaving those of us who have to work day jobs stranded. It's amazing it didn't occur to Metro last night to put chains on the buses who operate in the snowier/icier places, and go up and down big hills. On the website it mentions during this time to find "alternate transportation"..the buses ARE alternate transportation. What...thee fuck?
...Just wanted to sit inside today, drink some champagne, than go outside and throw snow at things. Did get a chance to let the cats out in the snow, which was very, very funny. Especially considering they are indoor cats.
...Ah well, at least I got here via a ride from the DM. It is crucial, I'm sure, that we are open till 10pm tonight. Real..crucial. Yup.
...Closing early? Nah. Sure there will be lots of people after 7pm in a desperate need to buy a money order, or put them selves into more debt. But if there a couple of stragglers, THANK god I will be here to deal with their insanity.
Saturday, December 6th, 2008
10:17 am

....One must wonder..is it a sub-conscious cry for professional help when you see semi-animated bears in your dreams, and they are speaking spanish to you?  I don't what the hell that was about, whatever it was is was, was werid.

....Ah, well off to work to dull my thoughts once again.

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
1:12 pm
Under a dead sky gleaming...
....Ohgr gave me the mic for a couple of versus when he played "Minus". Fucking A. What a great, great show it was. Creepy, spooky, and overall just awesome. Could have done without the girl couple up front who felt the need to keep trying to head butt us. It's okay, they were miserable the whole night, don't even know why they were up there. Later on we got wasted at the Crescent w/Severina and friends. It was a mercury free night, thank fucking god, I'm starting to think it's a blessing in disguise were not allowed in that hell hole for 6 months. Looonggg...story. Anways, that's it. Had a great night, nice to see alot of people haven't seen in some time, and now...we must find Angels purse!

Current Mood: exhausted
Monday, November 24th, 2008
8:21 am
Ohgr tonight!
...Should be a great show. I saw his first solo tour back in 2000, and if tonights show is anything like that show, it will be great! I orginally was pretty disappointed with his new album, the mixing particularly, but after a few more listens it's growing on me. It's very dark, yet has some moments where he sounds like he's making drugged up circus music. Pretty...different, indeed. It sounds a bit more Skinny Puppy-esqe rather than previous Ohgr albums. I highly recommend going. What else your going to do on a monday evening? Hmmm??? That's what I thought.
Saturday, November 15th, 2008
2:36 pm

<a href="http://www.heyquiz.com/quiz/cat_kill"><img src="http://www.heyquiz.com/bimage/14_91.jpg" alt="Is your cat plotting to kill you?" /></a>

Evil fuckers, I knew it.



Saturday, November 8th, 2008
4:46 pm
You know it's going to be a good night when...
....Your girlfriend sells the Silenoz, the bass player of Dimmu Borgir, some lube, and a vibrating cock ring. He walked into her store today, and he recognized her from the time we saw them in Portland, said he'd buy her a drink if he saw us tonight. Good stuff. Who knew he liked to lube it up, amongst other things?

....Should be an awesome show tonight, as it always is everytime we see Dimmu Borgir. They are playing before Danzig, which, if you know me enough, know I cannot stand Danzig. But I think it will be fun to witness the goth/metal version of elvis live..in the flesh. Should be epic...to a degree. Maybe I'll throw ice at him. No, he'd kick my ass. Bad. Very bad.

...I need to get out of my glass box, and go listen to some satan metal. C'mon 7:00...hurry up!
Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
8:39 am
Is it just me, or...
....does it feel like a big weight has just been lifted?

....Was at the showbox yesterday from four o'clock until the big announcement, watching everything unfold on big screens.  Craziness downtown! We were in the thick of everything, the honking, yelling, jumping up and down on cars, quite a moment in history. Glad to have experienced it in such dramatic fashion.

...Now, hopefully we can look forward to much more, and look forward to what will be hopefully something called the "Bush trials", or at least something to that effect. His adminstration needs to be held accountable for what they have created here, and the world abroad.
Saturday, October 18th, 2008
1:57 pm
The chow mein from safeway is disgusting, YET I got it again..how do I keep forgetting this?
And now for more mental diarrhea, I'm sure you are all overcome with fascination...or will be..

...Man, Last.fm is highly addicting. Can't wait until the end of the year when we can both get laptops, all kinds of great music to download, alot of it for free. Will finally be able to join the rest of the world in not having to spend money on cds everytime I want new music. At least for now, it provides some sort of outlet so I don't have to work at work. I think I could do things here with my eyes closed at this point. Maybe I'll try just for fun.
...About 30 pages left to go in the best book I've ever read so far (American Psycho, I know, shocking to all), and just ordered "Less than Zero" from the same author, Bret Easton Ellis. I've never really had a favorite author, but from what I've heard about his other writings, they are kind of along the same line of thought as "American Psycho." The lost in delusion/reality kind of themes.
...Bass lessons have going great. Starting to grasp alot of what I'm learning. They sure are expensive, but worth it.
...and so is the legal crap, expensive, but worth it because most of it is almost OVER. It will be down to a monthly "relapse prevention" meeting, as if I'm some hardcore recovering drug addict that needs "relapse prevention". Fucking ridiculous. After this $50 a week headache is gone, I think that will help save more money...to buy DRUGS. HA! No, not really...well..maybe some..here and there.
...Wow, a drunken "native" just came to spit on the floor while wearing a walkman. Than walked out. Charming.  Theres a throwback. The walkman, that is. I've seen a plenty drunken bums around here. I am always surprised they love to loiter in lower Queen Anne so much. Probably because the rich people give them money, so they feel no need to go get a goddamn JOB like the rest us. I guess they technically are not even citizens, so who cares I suppose. They don't really "live" anywhere, so can you really consider them a citizens? I don't think so.
...Ah well I suppose that wraps up todays mental diarrhea. I hope everyone feels just that much more smarter.
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