I need to return some video tapes..

18 September 1979
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I'm an employed loan-shark, a synth/keyboardist, a pen and ink artist, and at times raving lunatic.

I am obsessed with the movie American Psycho, you will come too learn.

Astrologicaly, I have five planets in Virgo, so don't be alarmed if at times I seem to be analyzing you. It's probably not as bad as it seems. I also have Scorpio rising, which, I've been told makes me come off intense at times. I say I can be intensly laid back if you want me too.

I'm half Russian, half Swedish (Swrussian?).

I play synth/keyboards, in bands at times, and compose my own when not. Right now would be a not. I will be learning bass guitar starting in May and intend on focusing my electronic works more as a solo project, and after figuring the bass out, joining a band to play live music. After 10 years of keys, I want to try something new. Seems like someone is always looking for a bassist, and I've always loved the sound, so should be a fun challenge ahead.

Alot of what I say is cynical and sarcastic, which at times does not translate the best online, so feel free to engage in my insanity at your own expense, as my mind wanders in many directions at once quite frequently.

Remember, it's what's on the outside that counts.